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AlphaOmegaGreen is a young company in the renewable energies sector with its HQ in Würzburg Germany and Montpellier France


We provide a different approach regarding infrastructure investments in a rural context. Our cooperative Wind turbine development concept, based on actual economic science, is designed to lead the paradigm shift from centralized, state organized projects to a cooperative and renewable energy transition in France. 

The project was started in June 2016 in Germany by Christoph Sasse and Frederik Stier, two former students of Alfred Weber Institut of economics at the University of Heidelberg. There we were observing the enormous development of citizen energy in Germany caused by the German EEG in the first decade of the 2000s. 

As a conglomerate of analysts in Finance, energy markets, digital economy, Data science  and public engineering, we figured out that the key factor of renewable energy projects are the people and the politics involved.

Now we are on track to change a part of the renewable energy sector

to how we envisioned it from the get go!


Cooperatives, held back by the strong french regulations concerning wind turbines and the financial risks linked to it are becoming AOGs customers and partners. By giving us the opportunity to apply our concept and therefore to prefinance those costly and complicated procedures, we are able to manage the risks that need to be taken efficiently. We certify a project and present it to our technical development partners, with the goal to substitute social with commercial risk.

After eventually bringing the authorisation process to a positive end, we will then enable a cooperative investment structure for the community.

In order to prepare for future digitalization, upcoming energy clouds and direct retail concepts, AOG has developed a Ledger based CRM system. This enables not only an efficient financial distribution mechanism, but also provides a veritable advantage for the integration of future grid operating systems. 



Summoned by french regulations and the Region's energy policy “Ensemble devenons la 1ere Région à énergie positive” AOG exclusively operates on the latest legal and political frameworks in french energy markets. Our products are therefore designed to be the perfect response to ongoing transformation processes in energy. 

We believe that through modern technology and a cooperative mindset we are able to issue a solution for the ongoing debates and problems of the european energy transition. 







First wind park completions are expected for 2022 in Germany and 2023 in France. In Total we dispose a portfolio of around 80 MW wind power in development, whereas the pipeline will be extended to around 200 MW at the end of 2021.

Meanwhile we plan on regrouping around 200 MW capacity in only one region through our Ledger- based solution. In total, anticipating the inclusion of our wind energy portfolio, as well as the complementary capacities in PV and flexible units the AO_Chain will regroup around 1 GW of renewable energy assets 2025 .


Our aim is, to develop solutions to disrupt the way of how renewable energy is financed, communicated, distributed and consumed.

"To make energy enjoyable"



Skyline Hill Center

Leightonstraße 3

97074 Würzburg

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